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About DJP

DJP provides a warm and safe environment where children are treated with respect and care. We prioritize their socialization skills, self-confidence, and independence, while also fostering a strong connection to their Jewish heritage. Our goal is to prepare them for and ignite a lifelong passion for learning.

Located in a
little green house,

Welcome to Dallas Jewish Preschool!

A Preschool with soul in the heart of Dallas •


Rooted in Nature

A central part of DJP’s daily learning is nature-based. Dirt, grass, flowers, and all kinds of growing and natural objects become an integral part of children's daily experiences. Our quaint schoolhouse is surrounded by lush greenery and outdoor learning spaces.

Emergent Curriculum

Our preschool provides an emergent curriculum influenced by the principles of Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches. Drawing from these esteemed educational philosophies, we empower children to take an active role in their learning journey. 

Low Teacher-Student Ratio

Our low teacher-student ratio provides individualized attention and support for each child. With our small class sizes, our dedicated teachers can truly get to know and understand the unique needs, interests, and learning styles of every student.

Jewish Values

At DJP, we are deeply committed to instilling strong Jewish values within our community. Our approach nurtures kindness, respect, and a profound sense of morality, which serves as the foundation for all that we do. 

Whole-Child Approach

We recognize that a child's development encompasses not just academics, but also their social-emotional well-being, physical health, and creative expression.

At DJP we prioritize creating a warm and safe haven for children, where their wellbeing and happiness are nurtured every day. Our dedicated team ensures a secure and loving environment, where children can flourish, explore and grow with confidence.

Warm & Safe Environment

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We view each child as a whole person, encompassing their social, emotional, and physical well-being. Our dedicated staff fosters a love of learning, creativity, and community involvement while emphasizing the importance of character development. We cultivate values of kindness, respect, compassion, confidence, and responsibility in our students.

At Dallas Jewish Preschool, we believe a child's growth extends beyond academics. 

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Nurturing young minds, embracing Jewish values, and inspiring a lifelong love for learning through our holistic outlook and whole-child approach.

Dallas Jewish Preschool

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Providing a safe space for health, wellness and renewal.

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